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Download VivaVideo PRO Mod APK latest version with premium features unlocked, no wathermark, no ads, unlimited video length, and many more.
August 1, 2019
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Download VivaVideo PRO Mod APK latest version with premium features unlocked, no wathermark, no ads, unlimited video length, and many more.

The rapid development of YouTube as a new platform in the digital world requires video makers to learn more about video editing.

The basics of making videos must be known if you want to get maximum video edits. Of course, with an interesting video treat, will get a positive impression from the audience.

Because now all activities are guided to have high mobility, many developers make video editing applications that can be used on Android smart devices, one of which is VivaVideo Pro Mod APK.

This application can be an alternative as well as the main media in doing video editing because it has features that support in making good videos.

What is VivaVideo Pro Mod APK?

VivaVideo Pro is a video editing application developed by developer QuVideo Inc. has a storage capacity of 30 MB, this application provides various features in making videos and video clips.

Users can also insert several photos to be used as a video clip by adding text or other effects that have been provided in this application.

After editing, users can immediately share it on social media or want to be stored in a cell phone storage room.

This application can cut and combine two videos into a series of videos that have a storyline.

By using VivaVideo Pro Mod APK, users will get premium effects like a professional video editor.

VivaVideo Pro feature

VivaVideo Pro has many excellent features that the original application cannot be used entirely (still locked).

Here are some features of this application to support the user’s video editing process.


By using this feature, users can combine several images or photos into one story created like a video. Users of this application are free to combine the number of photos into a clip with an unlimited time.

Merging Video Clips

In addition to being able to combine several photos into one, this application can also certainly combine several videos into a clip that has a storyline. To maximize the merging of videos, this feature also provides a cut or trim to take video clips that will be used in making clips.

Video Export and Import

Of course this feature is very necessary in video editing. VivaVideo Pro has video import and export features.

This application can be connected to the user’s mobile storage to enter the video file that will be edited and after the editing process is complete, the user can save the video in the cellphone storage.


This application provides various kinds of filters in the editing process. Using this feature can give a professional impression in video editing. This filter can be adjusted to the theme of the video that is being made so that the results of the editing process can be maximized.

Share Video

After editing, users can immediately share their edited videos to various social media, such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and many more.

Collage Feature

This feature serves to play two videos at the same time on the same screen. So, the two videos will play together in one video frame. In addition, there is a frame feature for the combined video to make it look neat and interesting to watch.


This application can insert text or sentences in the video clip being edited. So users can convey messages through the video clips they make. For the choice of fonts also vary. There are more than 100 fonts that can be used entirely as desired by the user.


Viva Video Pro also provides a variety of sticker options that can be pasted through the editing process. Various types of stickers can be used, from those in the form of cartoons to stickers in the form of words of speech or motivation.


Videos without music will surely become monotonous and boring. So this application also provides music features so that users can insert songs or various sounds in the editing process. Viva Video Pro also provides a number of choices of music instruments that can be used free of charge for video users.


In the video editing process, there needs to be a perfect transition between moving one clip to another. To support this, the application provides several transition options that can be used to make videos so that the results look dynamic and certainly don’t look monotonous.


If Vivo Video Pro users want to take self videos immediately and edit it immediately, you can use this feature. By using this feature, users will take videos of themselves with a choice of seven lenses that can be chosen as desired. Users can also do editing directly from the video that was taken earlier.

Advantages of VivaVideo Pro

When compared with the original application, Viva Video Pro has several advantages that are not owned by its free form application.

Here are some of the advantages of Viva Video Pro.


Sometimes the appearance of advertisements will make the editing process will be disrupted and the results are not optimal.

But with Viva Video Pro, users can freely do the video editing process without worrying about the appearance of annoying advertisements.

The results of editing will be maximum and interesting to watch.

Free watermark

If the original application is free, after the editing process is complete there will definitely be a watermark from the application. If you want to be eliminated, then the user must pay in advance at the bank that has been determined.

Unlike Viva Video Pro, the results of the editing process will not have a watermark. Even if there is a watermark, users can delete it without having to pay first.

Unlimited Exports

If the original application there will be a limit on the maximum duration of the video to save to phone storage space. This also inhibits its users from being able to produce an interesting video to watch.

But if you use Viva Video Pro, users have the freedom to do video editing with a long duration even if you want to be stored in a cell phone storage room or shared on social media.

Unlock Premium Effect

This feature is one of the main advantages of Viva Video Pro. In the original application, some effects / filters are still locked and must pay in advance if you want to use them.

Unlike this application, all effects can be used for free. Of course this is very helpful in producing videos with professional quality.

Well maybe it’s just this article about VivaVideo PRO Mod APK. I would expect to see more articles. If you want to request Apps or Games Mod APKs please contact me at Request Mod APK.

What's new

  • No watermark
  • No ads
  • Unlimited video length in exporting
  • 4K quality export
  • Plentiful exclusive & unique effects to use
  • And many more

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