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Download Metal Squad Mod APK latest version with premium features unlocked, unlimited diamonds, unlimited coins, no ads.
May 13, 2020
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Download Metal Squad Mod APK latest version with premium features unlocked, unlimited diamonds, unlimited coins, no ads.

If you have tried the legendary Contra series before, there is no reason to ignore Metal Squad. To be honest, it doesn’t have a connection between these two products, but if you look briefly, you can quickly see that these are two games that have very similar gameplay. Even though there is a gap in generations between the two games up to several decades, Contra’s breath is still very expressed through the game. “Metal Squad” will present the most exciting shooting battle experience that you can play directly on your Android device.

5+ unique stages with 60+ levels

Metal Squad allows players to participate in legendary shooting scenes. You have to go through many challenges where there are many enemies and monsters and constant difficulties. The game is set in a future world with many fictional and fictional elements that allow players to feel the toughest battles coming to them every day. With an attractive visual design when “Metal Squad” pushes players into side scrolling operations, the enemy will be equipped with the most sophisticated weapons to fight with you.

Metal Squad will be a real shooter when players have to take part in battles like Contra. The only difference is that the player has now increased the image to a much higher level. This will be a more modern battle with amazing fantasy elements. Gradually, new developments will be like the latest action games; the role play part is taken seriously. Indeed, later characters are designed to be more complex and massive when carrying heavy weapons, which are capable of destroying everything around them. But opponents also practice and level up every day to match you.

PvP, Coop – online shooting game

The control mechanism that is familiar with the joystick and operating system will help players become more active in battles with their enemies. The fact that it works in the 2D side scrolling style, the joystick will work differently than usual, looks like Contra. Drag right or left telling the character to move forward or backward, the jump and down keys, aim the bullet line and throw the mine. In general, the mechanism of this action seems to follow the old rules. If you are an older gamer, you will know this mechanism. In addition, in the upper-right corner of the screen, there will be a small gun-shaped icon. Clicking on it will make you change the main weapon that you use to fight the enemy.

After the shooting screen to clear the enemy army, it is inevitable that the boss will be confronted. This boss is often a giant character who is designed completely different from the others. To make it easy to explain, it will not stand on the platform but be large, and much stronger. There is also a lot of blood, representing the right corner of the screen. Monsters will release bullets and attack continuously and are difficult to avoid. But all have rules; if you pay a little attention, you can still dodge everything. But you don’t have negligence because the rules will quickly change it. Boss’s attacks are very strong, sometimes so powerful that “one attack one murder.”

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